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Not black and white book / Nie biało-czarna książka

Publication, 2013 - 2014

Developed in collaboration with artist Pola Nowak-Tyszowiecka and residents of the Wrońska Street estate and their neighbouring Chechnyan refugees in Lublin, Poland

Where I was not / Tam, gdzie mnie nie było

Workshop and installation, 2013 - 2014

Developed through working with Roma community in Bobrek district of Bytom, Poland

Commissioned by Imago Mundi Foundation for  Kronika Centre for the Contemporary Art

‘We were trying to make sense...’

Publication and exhibition, 2012 and 2013

Developed in collaboration with artist Sophie Hoyle and exploring collaborative practices from the perspective of participating artists and non-artists.

Retell, rewrite, reclaim

Video installation with sound, 2013

Based on collaboration with young woman to explore the identity of her Cally, the residential area of Caledonian Road in London, UK.  Commissioned for Cally Calls  (AIR partnership project)

More than me. Less than you

Nomadic sound piece and video installation, 2012

Developed from conversations with artists encountered in Karachi at  VASL, Karachi, Pakistan


Mixed media installation, 2012

Developed in collaboration with artists Sebastian Acker and Elisabeth Rosenthal at the  C. Rockefeller Centre for the Contemporary Art, Dresden, Germany.


Video, 2012

Developed during International Artists Residency at VASL, Karachi, Pakistan

Walkway Press

Series of workshop and events accompanied by blog diary and video documentation, 2009-2012

Based on working with the residents of the Leopold Estate in East London, UK

Edible Interventions

Series of food-based performances, 2010-2012

London, Uk

Arrival / Departure / Return

Publication, 2011

Developed with Tilly Fowler (as Transition Collective) from interviews conducted with people living, working and passing through Folkestone, UK


Customised playing cards set, 2011

Premise - There is no end to the story about the artists from America and India

Film, 2009-2010

Developed with Transition Collective as collaboration with Patachitra artists in West Bengal, India.


Exhibition, 2010

Organised with Transition Collective and Patachitra Artists in Kolkata, India.

Critical Juncture

Exhibition, symposium and residency programme, 2014-2015

Organised with Neelima Jeychandran as part of Kochi - Muziris Biennale, Mattanchery, India

I work on projects which explore situations of conflict related to the misunderstanding of social and cultural behaviours. I invite communities and individuals to take part in a collaborative decision-making process, during which personal relationships form – often lasting beyond the initial time frame of the project. Dialogical and multilayered processes can result in videos, publications, performance, direct action, installation, or constructed situations. The main outcome of my work is always aimed at bringing new understanding to, and shifting, existing social relations, as it happened in Not black and white book project, where I initiated

conversations between Polish and Chechnyan community in Lublin, Poland. I combine my interests in social studies, politics and postcolonial studies with narrative mediation theory to adapt each process to the particular context I am working with.

My curatorial projects aim to create the possibility of meaningful dialogues between artists working in geographically remote territories, reflecting on existing power relationships. I’m interested in how geopolitical positions and socio-economical status influence the ‘value’ of artists’ work today, which I addressed in two curatorial projects: Critical Juncture exhibition at Kochi-Muziris Biennale in India and Five Nation Film at Southbank Centre in London.    

Transit 2009

Exhibition, 2009

Organised with Transit at Rabindranath Tagore Centre, Kolkata, India.

Polish-Swedish Construction Workers

site-specific mix media, 2008

Created in collaboration with artists Stanislaw Boniecki and Karl Larsson in the Skulptur Parken in Angelsberg, Sweden.

Five Nation Film at Alchemy Festival

Film screening and printed interviews, 2015

Developed in partnership with Southbank Centre in London, Drik (Bangladesh), Women and Media Collective (Sri Lanka), VASL Artists’ Collective (Pakistan) and Tentative Collective (Pakistan)

Different weathers of my body

Video installation, 2014

Developed through conversations and off-site trips with people suffering the effects of substance abuse. A Million Minutes commission in partnership with ISIS Project CRI community recovery service in London Islington. Presented at John Jones Project Space

Onipa Ye De / Human Being is Sweet

Residency at Eye Contemporary Art Ghana, exhibition at Alliance Française Kumasi and workshop at Nubuku Foundation in Accra, 2014

Works were developed in collaboration with local craftsmen and through meetings with Ghanaian artists in Kumasi and Accra.  

Write a Line

Collective action, 2017

Developed in a collaboration with Rebecca Kenny and Margarita Rebolledo Hernandez

We Hybrids

Performative workshops, 2016 - ongoing

Collaboration with Ioli Tzanetaki

Knocks & Shocks

Teaching project at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design , 2017

A collaboration between the students of art and the students of construction